1. The pioneer of technical education in Palestine, was founded 28 years ago.
  2. The college has a university degree recognized locally and internationally for all the programs it offers.
  3. Tuition fees are the lowest among universities and technical colleges in Palestine, 10-13 dinars per hour only.
  4. Provides more than (25) exemptions up to (100%) with a range of financial facilities.
  5. The applied technical nature of the study in the college enables graduates to master the skills of working in more than (35) specializations.
  6. It has a distinguished academic body and university degrees from more than 40 international and Arab universities.
  7. College students received the highest share of jobs in the official recruitment competitions and in the comprehensive application exam.
  8. It has more than (34) scientific laboratories, workshop or engineering workshop to serve students.
  9. The total area is (48000) square meters, which is the largest unrivaled area among all university faculties in Palestine, making university life more enjoyable and useful.
  10. More than (50%) of the new college staff are graduates of the outstanding faculty.
  11. It has very close relations with the international supporting institutions and many local and youth bodies and councils.
  12. Its geographical location is located on a high hill overlooking Khan Yunis and Rafah.
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