Is the department responsible for the academic process of the student starting from the announcement of the opening of admission for new students and through the receipt of applications and then the academic registration of courses throughout the period of study for the student.


Among the tasks assigned to the Admissions and Registration Department are:

Applying the general academic regulations of the College regarding students, including admission of students, registration of materials, classification and regularity in the study and the implementation of any academic procedures related to the student.
Preparing and keeping records for students, including individual student tests, registration cards, score records, quarterly results, certificate record, entrance examination record, and department correspondence.
Registration of new and old students in coordination and cooperation with the academic departments and preparing lists of students registered in each article and its divisions and distribute copies to the teachers of materials.
Preparation of study programs for each academic period in coordination with academic departments.
Preparation of final exam programs for each study period.
Preparing the final results for students for each academic period and determining the academic status of the students according to the regulations, and announcing the results of the students and presenting the cases of academic separation to the College Council for decision.
Ensure that students meet the requirements of graduation in all disciplines offered at the college, and prepare lists of names of these students to begin their graduation.

Documents required to complete the admission:

A copy of the secondary school certificate certified by the Ministry of Education.
Copy of identity card or passport.
Four personal photos.
Copy of birth certificate.
Receipt of the enrollment fee.

Registration processes:

The application fee is paid in the Finance Department at the amount of JD (20) non-refundable, after verification of the certificate of secondary school.
The student receives the admission package.
The student submits the application electronically through the internet or the internal network of the college.
The result of admission will appear immediately after the application is approved based on the student's priorities and the ability of the specializations.
The student goes to the finance department to pay the semester hours for the first semester so that the student can register electronically.

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