The Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences was established with the establishment of the College in 1990, where it consisted of the administrative, financial and computer sciences, and then separated from the computer department to become a separate department.
The Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences includes a Bachelor's degree program (Business Management Technology - Applied Accounting)
The diploma program includes (Business Administration - Accounting - Management and Finance - Finance and Banking - Secretarial and Educational Register - Marketing and Product Management). The last specialization was developed to meet the requirements of the market. To become a marketing and e-commerce. The Diploma Program of the Secretariat and the Educational Register is a program that has been updated to meet the requirements and needs of the educational institutions in the Secretariat, the first program in the Gaza Strip.

 We seek in the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences to promote our students through various programs in the field of technical education and the development of effective teaching process based on various creative methods and activities; to provide a generation of graduates with the skills and competencies of scientific and practical in the fields of economy, finance and business to be able to compete in the prevailing The labor market, in addition to the discovery and refinement of the leadership skills expected can contribute to a large role in the community and abroad, and has competed a large number of graduates on jobs in various areas and important in governmental and private institutions.

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