Section vision

Leading technical education in an ethical and creative environment.

Section message

The preparation of engineers capable of creativity through our various academic and technical programs and be the pioneer in the level of programs and educational and advisory services provided to the Palestinian community.

Objectives and strategies

The department, through its specializations, aims to draw up a comprehensive strategic plan with specific objectives and programs aimed at developing the educational and research environment and the level of students

Identify obstacles and address the difficulties faced by teachers and students of the department.

Supervision and evaluation at the level of lecturer, academic teacher and scientific material.

Evaluate the current situation and suggest new specialties.

Qualifying cadres specialized in all engineering and technical aspects.

Keeping abreast of scientific developments in engineering and technical fields.

Development of scientific research in the field of engineering and technical.

Providing practical and professional capacities to serve the Palestinian society.

The use of modern methods in education to raise the level of human cadres faculty.

Prepare students professionally and academically and provide them with theoretical information, technical skills and constructive directions that qualify them to obtain suitable job opportunities.

Communicate with civil society organizations to increase trust and interaction between the college and society.

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