The present era is characterized by tremendous knowledge and technological development. Information and communication technology has taken the lead in all walks of life. Its applications have been applied in various fields, such as scientific, educational, industrial, medical, space and others. Therefore, it was necessary to keep pace with this development and progress in the College of Science and Technology to meet the requirements of this era, so the Center for e-Learning, which was founded in 2011, to provide electronic materials supporting the College's courses, and search for everything new in the field of e-learning technology and integration and employment in The educational process, and work to serve students and lecturers and support courses in different subjects and videos, educational programs and e-books, to upgrade the level of electronic teaching services provided to them, which contributes to improving the level of students and develop their brain Roll, and dissemination of educational materials via the Internet so that all follow-up and get it at any time, anytime, anywhere.


Vision of the Center:

Leadership and excellence in supporting academic life electronically.


Message from the Center:

To improve the level of e-learning services provided by the university college to its students, enhance their scientific and technological capabilities, and provide them with a stimulating academic environment through the use of technological innovations, Web technologies, mobile education, e-learning management systems and training. Electronic, quality checking and diffusion across different media.


general aims:

Spread the culture of e-learning.
To develop the courses of the College electronically, in support of the curricula and syllabuses of the enrichment materials that serve the educational process.
E-Learning Management Systems (LMS)
Web Technologies 2 Web2
Training and technical support for faculty staff, especially lecturers.



Assist faculty members.
Creating an interactive e-learning environment.
Providing a variety of educational resources for courses taught at the College.
Self-learning skills.
Employing technology innovators in the educational process.
Developing students' diverse thinking skills.
Producing video lectures for various college courses.
Editing of lectures prepared using the Camtasia program.
Production of electronic books for college courses.
Design simulation programs to support a number of college courses.
Feed YouTube channel to download educational videos prepared on it.
Activate Facebook account for e-learning center.
Activate the e-learning site in the dissemination of various educational materials.
Designing smart phone applications that serve students.
Preparing bulletins and publications for the department and the college.


Core Units:

First: Supporting the curriculum


a. Fixed.

B. Interactive.

Interactive simulation.
take photo.
Recording screen.
The nose.
YouTube channel.

Second: Electronic Learning Management Systems (LMS)

To employ the model in the academic process (providing a discussion and discussion space, scheduling the weeks of the course, providing the students with enrichment materials, assigning them to various projects and activities, and scheduling the delivery of assignments and tests).
Design and implementation of computerized tests.
Employment of integrated education.
Mobile Education.
Communication and communication between lecturers and students electronically.

Third: web2 techniques web2

Employment of social networking sites in communication between students and lecturers.
Supporting the lecturers' pages and providing electronic support related to the educational process.
Manage Email.
YouTube channel recruitment.

Fourth: Training and technical support

Training on the technological innovations employed by the Center.
Produce and design and disseminate guidance and advice related to faculty and center.

Administrative and technical staff:

Head of Center
Photographic and video photographer.
Multimedia designer (montage + graphic)
Multimedia programmer.
Electronic publishing and technical support.