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About the Library

The library was one of the important sections of the university college of science and technology. The library was established in parallel with the establishment of the college, which was named after the Faculty of Science and Technology Khan Younis in 1990 as a technical institution for technical education. Kuwait, at the beginning of 2018, and became the Kuwait Science and Technology Library.

The college has developed to reach advanced levels, and the library of the college has been developed to improve the student's scientific and cultural possibilities by providing a good number of books and scientific and cultural references. Despite the siege and lack of resources, the library has begun to improve the type of services offered to its students by introducing Books and references of scientific and cultural modern and periodically through the establishment of the electronic library, which enables the visitor to benefit from the books and see them wherever they are and upload them through the site of the College, and provide samples of the exams quarterly and final in all courses, To find them on the library page through the website of the college, and considering the library an important address for the college, where can not be upgraded by the Faculty only the library, which represents the title of the ways of scientific research and educational development, and until the beginning of 2018 the number of library holdings of books and references, letters, 9000). The library administration aspires to increase this number by providing the library with the latest scientific publications, by following up on the offers offered by the publishing houses, and following up the local and international book exhibitions. Allah is the seeker and the conciliator.

Vision and Mission

Vision :

The Kuwait Library of Science and Technology aspires to the Central Library of the University College of Science and Technology to be a distinguished library in its library and reference services, according to modern information databases; to support the process of professional, cultural and knowledge upgrading.

the message :

The Library Department at the University College of Science and Technology seeks to promote awareness, culture and knowledge in order to create a generation capable of keeping abreast of scientific and technological developments through the provision of the best library services.

Head of Department Word

Praise be to Allah who taught the pen the science of man unless he knew, and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad, the teacher of human goodness, and on his family and companions, but after: There is no doubt that the information in our time age of speed has become the main pillar in the progress of nations, On one of the great role played by libraries in the process of progress and scientific development.

The library derived its objectives from the objectives of the university college of science and technology, namely education, scientific research and community service, by providing sources of information and providing them to the beneficiaries of the students and academics. In recognition of the importance of the library, God created the building of the new library funded by the State of Kuwait.

The library's management is looking to upgrade the library of the college, develop its library programs, develop its human cadres, cooperate with institutions, libraries, publishing houses, and communicate with the local and international community; in order to provide sources and information vessels of all kinds and forms. To accommodate the new building of the Central Library. At the beginning of the year 2018 there is a firm intention from the library team to provide a clear plan and structure for upgrading the library. This can only be achieved by the efforts of everyone, especially the Deanship of the College and the heads of academic departments.

We hope that Almighty God will be able to guide everyone to what is good, good and progress.

Internal and external borrowing

The lending department is supervised by two staff members from the library team. The loan service is provided by computerized databases and the program is approved in the library of the college is Al-Rashed program and the provision of external loan services to those who wish to obtain it according to certain terms and conditions. The loan service is the most important services provided by the libraries to the beneficiaries, The library aims to enable the readers to access books that they wish to read or see outside the Library's premises either because they do not have time to view them inside the library or to wish to prolong their communication with the library. Ed scientific field related to their studies after the end of official working hours of library time, and this is achieved for the library one of the basic principles of library science, namely that books and other information sources for me that is purchased to use and benefit from its contents.

As for the internal loan is a controlled process by providing the appropriate atmosphere of calm and comfort; to enable the beneficiary to achieve the goal of reading books within the library, and to benefit from the scientific materials available in the library halls, and the Library of the College daily every beneficiary enters the library to register his name in a special record This process is supervised by the library team through the provision of the material requested by the beneficiary, as well as the collection of books at the end of the work and return them to their places on the shelves.

Safeguards in the library

There are many safety features in the library building, especially inside the reading rooms, to protect and preserve the library's visitors, as well as to maintain the library information and furniture available. The means available in the field of fire fighting correspond to the specifications and standards used globally and in numbers that are proportional to the library space. These include:

  • Modern fire extinguishers, as well as the presence of water hose stations near the entrance to the library
  • The windows of the library building are glass, easy to open and close to the surface of the earth
  • Library Entries: The library has a main entrance to the emergency, and there are back entrances to the Student Hall and Student Hall.
  • Inside the library there are surveillance cameras covering the reading rooms, in order to preserve library holdings and the secretariats of the beneficiaries.


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