• Implement the activities and procedures necessary for the scientific research process by academic staff and students and motivate them to participate in scientific conferences and events and the dissemination of scientific papers.
  • Organizing, coordinating, supporting and encouraging scientific research at the College, as well as assisting researchers in obtaining financial support from relevant institutions.
  • Supporting the issuance of scientific research books, including the methodology, with the necessary arbitration, publication and distribution.
  • The collection of information, the construction of databases on scientific research in the college and outside, and to provide this information to researchers in the college for use in coordination with external and internal bodies, to stimulate scientific research, both qualitative and quantitative.
  • The aim is to open areas of cooperation between researchers at the college and Arab and international research centers by activating joint research, finding support, funding for local research, participation in conferences and specialized seminars, drawing on the expertise of global research centers in terms of managing research centers, Funding for research and projects, and the interaction of these centers with different sectors of society, especially the industrial ones.
  • Arbitration of literature for the purpose of adoption for promotion or teaching.
  • To prioritize research topics to try to support them, based on the need of the Palestinian society in general.
  • To carry out any other responsibilities entrusted to the Section by the direct officer in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.
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