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Building a computerized information network in the college and benefiting from it in multiple fields, and developing it, commensurate with the natural growth of the college, as well as technological development.
Automate the administrative and technical processes in the different departments of the college, thus facilitating and accelerating the implementation of various tasks.
Support the educational process through the provision of multimedia, to keep pace with the educational process and the use of technical support tools for this purpose.
Supervising and developing the current college network in order to maintain a high and stable level of performance.
Providing electronic services to all employees in the college.
Providing electronic services to students.
Dissemination of lectures and educational materials on the College's website.
Work on the maintenance of computers in the college and all the accessories.
Developing and monitoring the speed of internet service according to the requirements of the work in the college.


Software Development Division

Analyze and study programs and systems and then write them in appropriate programming languages ​​and ensure that they conform to specifications and perform the required purpose.
Maintenance of systems and the establishment of courses and manuals explaining how to use them optimally.
Continuous development of software in line with electronic development.
Correcting the errors and defects of some systems and programs if the source language of these systems is available.


Computer Labs Division

Monitoring of computers and systems through preventive and periodic maintenance.
Perform backups of private information and data.
Follow up maintenance contracts with specialized companies to carry out maintenance work.
Carry out emergency maintenance of equipment in the event of breakdowns and provide the necessary equipment to ensure the operation.
Update existing devices and enter all new ones according to business requirements.
Follow up the operating systems and protection systems on them and ensure their effectiveness.
Establish a record covering electronic assets and clarify the statute of limitations for each device.
Coordination and communication with the concerned departments regarding the requirements of the faculty of devices, inks, printers, etc.
General supervision of the college laboratories.


Division of Network and Technical Support

Designing and developing plans and studying the future needs of wired and wireless networks and putting them into operation for network management.
Monitor and ensure the efficiency of Internet service within the college and develop them as needed.
Supervising the maintenance and installation of networks in the college.
Network management and related services, such as servers, to ensure that the school's general policy is implemented.
Work the technical specifications of the projects of the new networks in the college.
Distribute IP addresses on devices, join devices to Domain Domains, and work on sharing files and policies to ensure confidentiality of employee information.
Monitoring and monitoring of surveillance systems and cameras.
Design of internal networks of network points and power points in accordance with the needs of the departments concerned.
Periodic maintenance of the network and supervision of network equipment from dispensers and other devices.
Extend network points and new phone points if work is expanded.
Implement the network infrastructure plans in the college and supervise its work.
Document network data and problems with technically certified specifications.

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