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  • To carry out the tasks assigned to him in accordance with the financial and administrative legislation and the regulations and procedures followed within his competence, and to provide the necessary financial information and to verify and verify the accuracy of the financial statements and other miscellaneous financial works in different areas to achieve the objectives, while contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the college.

  • Supervising the keeping and organization of the records and financial constraints of the College in accordance with the accounting rules in force in the Ministry.

  • Approving the documents of exchange and arrest and ensuring their validity and availability of financial, legal and accounting conditions therein.

  • Monitoring the monthly and final accounting data in accordance with the Ministry's instructions.

  • Supervising the college budget.

  • Supervising the disbursement items according to the college budget.

  • Submit an annual report to the Department of the College and the Ministry of imports and actual expenditures of the College during the previous year with observations and recommendations that he deems appropriate.

  • To take the necessary precautions, procedures and means of supervision to protect the college funds and financial records and to prevent any fraud, misappropriation or negligence.

    Accounting Division

    Accounting records and accounting records are properly maintained and regulated in accordance with established accounting methods.

  • Ensuring the correctness of the organization of the bonds of arrest and exchange and the availability of financial and legal conditions before being submitted to the competent authorities.

  • Preparing the college budget.

  • Implementation of the budget and the implementation of the provisions of the instructions and financial regulations and the organization of accounts and transactions financial and accounting and reporting the violator.

  • Monthly and final financial reports and other data.

  • Applying the financial texts contained in the contracts and agreements concluded between the College and other bodies.

  • Preparing the forms and procedures necessary to manage the affairs of financial and accounting matters between the different administrative units.

  • Facilitate the task of the auditing authorities.

  • Tuition fees and other students and others depending on the nature of the transactions.

  • Participating in the committees of preparing the annual general budget and purchasing committees and others according to the ministerial instructions.

  • To carry out any other responsibilities entrusted to the Section by the direct officer in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.

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