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Tasks of maintenance and services department

Providing maintenance, cleaning and agriculture services and carrying out various maintenance works for the college facilities in order to achieve the objectives of the college and prepare the internal environment for the successful academic and administrative process in the college.
Supervise the general maintenance of buildings, facilities and property of the College.
Supervising the transportation of the faculty.
Supervising the work of the carpenter and engineering operator in the college.
Supervising the work of electrical and internet installations in the college.
Supervising the garden, guarding and singing activities in the college.
Follow-up purchase of materials and tools for maintenance department in coordination with the Procurement Committee.
Prepare lists of supplies and equipment needed by the department to carry out its work.
Follow up the transactions of the department and save and record.
Follow-up maintenance contracts and insurance for construction projects and services in the college.
Prepare and follow-up on additional business reports and productivity.

Maintenance Division

Maintenance planning for all equipment and equipment according to their respective maintenance manuals.
Conduct periodic maintenance of various equipment and equipment.
Preventive maintenance of equipment and equipment.
Maintenance and emergency repairs.
Perform safety precautions.
Record and track records for each device.

Division of Services

Follow-up of the movement of transportation of the college.
Follow-up works of parks and public utilities.
Follow up the work of the ears in the college.

Division of Guardians

Supervising the work of the guards and organizing and follow-up work progress and find solutions to the problems that occur during the work at the College.
Follow up the work process and find appropriate solutions to problems that may occur during work.

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