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The Personnel Affairs Section is responsible for managing all administrative matters related to employees and following up their daily and emergency issues and is responsible for the direction of the dean of the college and his deputy for administrative and financial affairs to perform his duties and is considered an administrative officer.


First: Follow up on issues related to:

Vacations of all kinds and processed according to the content of the civil service.
Travel permits: These are handled according to the administrative instructions issued by the Ministry in this regard and the powers vested in the Dean.
Absence issues: Follow-up to work and the resulting break-up, transfer of staff, leave, scholarships, study leave, courses, assignments, assignment or any other reason, and inform the Ministry as soon as possible.
Follow up the transactions of lecturers and employees according to the civil service system and the instructions and powers vested in the Dean of the College. Receive and report on judicial and financial communications to staff and follow up on the return of communications to their original sources without delay.

Second: Constraints, Records and Files:

Organizing the various records, personal files, cards and administrative formations required by the Ministry, and preserving photographs and certificates of scientific certificates, experiences and supporting documents in the files of lecturers, employees and users according to the civil service system and the instructions and notices issued in this regard.
Receive files to recruit and follow up the organization and receipt of applicants for advertised posts and processing until the personal interview by the special committees and according to the instructions of the ministry.

Third: General matters for follow-up:

Organizing and following up appointment and objection transactions until the new appointments are treated according to the instructions prescribed by the Bureau and the Ministry.
Regulate promotion transactions, classifications and renewal of service not classified.
Organizing and monitoring internal and external movements.
Additional education for non-workers in the Ministry of Labor and part-time workers.
Follow-up of staff, users and lecturers daily.
Follow up the issues of salaries and allowances and any new additions thereto.
To carry out other tasks assigned to him in his field of work.

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