Procurement Division

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Perform purchase orders and continue to convert them into purchase orders.
Execution of procurement of supporting purchases according to approved purchase orders according to the approved specifications according to the supply schedule.
Conducting negotiation and purchasing processes in an effective manner in terms of price, quality, delivery dates, terms of payment, service and execution in some cases.
Participate in the Procurement Committee in accordance with the regulations.
Follow-up supply with suppliers and take appropriate action in case of change of supply schedules, input control of received materials, follow-up of closing open purchase orders and solving associated problems with other departments.
To carry out the procurement procedures carefully and to ensure that the documents required for the purchase process are completed and stored in an appropriate manner and to distribute copies to those concerned from other departments.
Participate in the modernization of the upper and lower limit and demand and supply period of items in light of consumption rates.
Participate in the evaluation and development of suppliers and solve supplier problems with its direct boss.
Gathering information from the market regarding the material he deals with and discussing it with his boss.
Participate in the search for new suppliers, or an alternative to materials used by the company.
To carry out any other responsibilities entrusted to the Section by the direct officer in accordance with the provisions of the applicable regulations.

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