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Tasks of supplies department

To maintain the continuity of work in the college by following the balances of items in the college from the provision of either through purchase or donations or internal manufacturing, through the introduction of the warehouse in accordance with the assets, and disbursement to the departments as needed.

Open records of various supplies.
Ensure that the records correspond to the actual assets.
Follow-up issues of college seals and furniture and supplies.
Insurance of supplies, including furniture required by the academic and administrative departments, as appropriate and within the applicable financial regulations.
Prepare input and output documents and supplies orders and distribute them to relevant departments in the college as required.
Follow-up on issues of supplies of public services and hygiene.
Participate in inventory of supplies in college.
Participate in sub-committees to purchase the types of supplies needed by the College according to the regulations.
The process of destruction and destruction within the systems.
Supervise warehouses and ensure proper storage of supplies and inventory management.


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