The Department of Public Relations in the College is one of the most important and important administrative departments because of its great role in communicating the mission of the College to the surrounding society. Its importance stems from its close role in management,

 Overall Objective:

The goal of public relations is to build a good reputation for the college, through its activities and activities in order to communicate the voice of the college to the community, in addition to informing the internal and external public of the college with all the information they need and providing the student with all the methods that help him communicate with his college The possibilities available to him, in addition to linking staff to each other within the college facilities in addition to social communication with them

 Activities and tasks:

Media Activities: The Public Relations Department covers all events, seminars, and scientific meetings. Press coverage and feeding all media sites with news about the college, supported by pictures, in addition to issuing all publications, brochures and posters related to the college

 Department of External Relations:

The Department of Public Relations oversees all external visits to the College, coordinates and organizes visits to the College's external institutions, electronically documents them and works to open cooperation between the College and other institutions.

Supervision of internal visits to the College:

Where there is a specialized public relations staff that receives guests and legal persons within the college and introduces them to all the facilities of the college in addition to the services and features that characterize the college than others

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