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Unit letter:

The mission of the Graduate Unit is to provide the best guidance, guidance and follow-up to the graduate students, which will enhance their abilities and qualify them for the requirements of the labor market and communication between graduates and the university on the one hand and between the institutions and bodies of the local and regional communities on the other.


Unit Vision:

A distinguished title for continuous communication of graduates with the community according to the highest quality standards


Objectives of the Unit:

The general objective of the graduate follow-up unit is to provide the best and easiest way to connect graduates with the local and regional market by providing job opportunities commensurate with their specialties. There are special objectives at the university level and at the national level, which can be summarized in the following points:


1. Prepare an annual guide for university graduates.

2. Providing counseling and guidance services to graduate students through communication with the graduate students and their rehabilitation and assistance in obtaining employment opportunities locally and regionally.

3. Harmonize the communication skills in which students are trained to meet local and regional market requirements.

4. Assisting students in providing temporary employment opportunities during their university education or permanent employment opportunities after graduation.

5. Enhancing channels of communication between the student community at the university and the various institutions, companies and ministries at the regional and local levels.

6. Provide a clear picture of the labor market for students in terms of unemployment problems or local or regional market needs.

7. Helping local and regional companies and institutions looking for employees to reach university graduates.

8. Building and preparing a comprehensive database for university graduates.


mission :

The functions of the Alumni Unit are multiple. Some of these tasks can be summarized in the following points:


1. Conducting a workshop and panel discussions on job search skills (writing CV, interviewing, filling out a job application, and other skills).

2. Invite the leaders (success stories) of the graduates of the university in public and private institutions to give lectures and scientific and professional seminars that belong to the students, and serve the homeland and the citizen.

3. Follow-up announcements of vacancies and coordination with institutions wishing to employ with the possibility of receiving applications from graduates of these institutions employment.

4. Building a comprehensive database of college graduates.

5. Provide an electronic library for reference books, scientific courses and technical skills.

6. Issue a magazine or quarterly or annual bulletin containing news of interest to graduates, so that it is distributed to graduate students to work on communication between graduates and the university.

7. To open the door of cooperation between the university graduates unit and units for graduates in local or neighboring Arab universities in order to raise the graduates' unit to the required level.

8. Establish an annual day for graduates, so that all graduates are called and listen to their observations and problems.

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