• Preparation and design of technical drawings and all related to the tender of the required documents and schedules of quantities, with supervision of the implementation of buildings and public facilities in the college and identify the needs of the college of projects and preparation and marketing to the funding agencies.
  • Communicate with local and international community institutions to provide funding for the proposed college projects.
  • Preparation of reference items for all engineering and construction workers of the college.
  • Direct supervision of the design and implementation of activities and engineering work for the college.
  • Carry out designs, plans and tender documents required for new construction in the college.
  • Supervision and periodic follow-up of buildings and maintenance work.
  • Developing and modifying the structural and spatial plans of the college and its buildings.
  • Field follow-up with engineering offices, contractors and suppliers for the college's engineering, construction and construction work.
  • Preparing project proposals for financing the college projects from buildings, yards and engineering activities.
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