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Achieve quality and excellence in educational processes and outputs by providing a stimulating media environment and spreading the overall quality and focus on the processes of improvement and development of the programs and activities of the College.


Overall Objective

1- Improving the performance of administrative and academic staff in the college.
2- Raising the effectiveness of the evaluation system in the college.
3 - Developing the work of administrative procedures in the college.
4- Promoting the culture of quality in the college for students and employees.
5. Develop a system of complaint complaints and submit proposals.
6- Improving the educational environment.



The quality and quality department of the college is committed to the policy of improvement
1. Improving the quality of service provided to students.
2 - Maintenance and maintenance of quality assurance systems
3 - Principles and objectives of quality policies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
4 - Focus all the procedures for repeated scrutiny of quality assurance.
5 - Participation of all employees in the processes of improvement and development.

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