What is a vocational diploma?

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What is a vocational diploma?

Is a one-year training program for submission and distribution from the Palestinian Ministry of Labor, through the process of delegation of experienced workers in the field of work, where emphasis is placed on training on the practical and technical aspects to ensure the trainee's proficiency in professional skills.


Why do I join the Professional Diploma?

  • Offer song in short time and at reasonable cost.
  • Earns a career needed by the labor market.
  • Makes you qualified to work efficiently in the labor market.
  • You will be given a certificate of approval from the opening of your own project.
  • Having a certified certificate makes your chances double in funding.


What are the vocational diploma programs available at the college?


First: Certified

  • Maintenance of solar devices
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning


Second: Accreditation

  • Computer maintenance and portable devices
  • Graphic design and editing
  • Professional Crafts (Handicrafts)
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