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 The second session of the Second Scientific Conference entitled "The Future of Vocational and Technical Education in Public Schools in Palestine" was launched on Monday morning, 2018/5/7, which was launched by the University College of Science and Technology in collaboration with the Directorate of Education in Khan Yunis.The opening ceremony was attended by: Ahmed Abu Shanab Dean of the College of Science and Technology and President of the Conference, Abdul Rahim Al-Farra, director of education in Khan Yunis, and the Grand Mufti Ihsan Ashour, d. Abdul Qader Abu Ali, Director of Education in West Gaza, Samir Abu Shatat Director of the Technical Department in Khan Younis, Saeed Qudaih, Director of Technical Department in East Khan Yunis, representatives of Wataniya Mobile, faculty and academic staff of the college, distinguished attendance of professors and lecturers at universities and university colleges, and distinguished attendance of representatives of community institutions, heads of educational departments and supervisors.

In a special recorded interview via Dr. Sabri Sidem, Minister of Education and Higher Education, expressed his pride in launching the first scientific conference of its kind in the future of vocational education in the general education schools in the southern governorates, pointing out that the ministry is striving to enable the culture of vocational, technical and technological education in public education schools, Adding that vocational education is capable of developing society and opening practical horizons for youth, stressing the need for partnership between the private sector and the vocational and technical sector to achieve this goal.

In his speech, he expressed his pride in partnership with the Directorate of Education Khan Younis. He spoke about the social responsibility of the college towards the society through opening the doors of the college to the students of schools to acquire various skills, especially technical and technological skills. He talked about the completion of the practical examination of technology in partnership with Directorate of Education Khan Younis and Education Directorate in East Khan Yunis and special care from Wataniya Mobile.He thanked Dr. Abu Shanab The efforts of His Excellency the Minister of Education and Higher Education d. Sabri Sidem and his moral patronage for this conference. He talked about the role of the ministry in solving the problems that existed in the previous period and correcting the status of the bachelor's and diploma specialties. He praised the efforts of all those who contributed to the success of this conference, the first of its kind in the governorates of Gaza, Wataniya Mobile, Preparatory Committee, Scientific Committee and Support Committees.

For his part, Al-Farra, Director of Education at Khan Yunis, expressed his pride in partnership with the University College of Science and Technology. He praised the efforts exerted in the success of the practical technology exam for high school students in 2018. He pointed out that the ministry has opened specializations for vocational education, For boys, which is interested in teaching students mobile applications to open the horizons of free work through the Internet and to fight unemployment,

In the speech of the Preparatory Committee, Dr. Mahmoud El-Farra, Chairman of the Preparatory Committee on the role of the College in the dissemination of the culture of vocational, technical and technological education through the launch of the first Information Technology Forum and the organization of a week for the development of self-capacity to reduce the gap between students and the labor market; The event culminated in the launching of the first scientific conference to discuss the future of the application of vocational and technical education in general education schools in Palestine. The efforts exerted by the Preparatory Committee during the past months to prepare and coordinate the conference, noting that the scientific committee has reached 88 research titles, 37 research papers and papers have been accepted and will be presented during the conference.

In the speech of the Scientific Committee, Dr.. Professor of Scientific and Technical Education, said that the vocational and technical education is almost non-existent in Palestine, especially in the governorates of Gaza. He pointed out that the university college of science and technology presented a wonderful model as a sponsor of vocational and technical education through organizing many supporting and publishing activities For this professional education culture, hoping that this college will become a professional industrial university, such as Khadouri University in the West Bank and other specialized universities in this field, so perhaps we fight unemployment among young people.

For his part, Rashad Abu Maddalah, representative of Wataniya Mobile is pleased to sponsor this conference and partnership with the educational institutions in the southern provinces, especially the university college of science and technology Khan Yunis for this monumental edifice that contributes to the advancement of society.

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