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The Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences at the University College of Science and Technology in Khan Yunis organized a scientific symposium on public relations applications in service organizations in the presence of the Director of Public Relations at the Electricity Distribution Company of Gaza Governorates Mohammad Thabet, Head of the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences Rami Qweider, And lecturer of the course of the principles of public relations Professor Mohammed Alastel, and a number of faculty members of the department and students of the College.

In his speech, Mr. Qweider asserted that the college is keen to organize scientific seminars and practical lectures that help to provide students with the practical skills in addition to the theoretical frameworks they receive during their study period, pointing to the importance of walking according to a systematic program to balance the university courses and practical and field training that enhances the skills and abilities of students in various aspects .


For his part,Mr. Al-Astal showed the most prominent field of public relations applications and their differences according to the competence of the governmental, commercial, services, civil and other institutions. He pointed out in the same context that the system of work in the fields of public relations requires multiple professional and professional skills.

In turn, Mr. Thabet, the guest speaker of the symposium , spoke about the ways to refute the rumors about the company and enhance its reputation, indicating the multiplicity of means of communication with the public according to the nature of social and cultural between radio ads and bulletins on the platforms of social communication and information and awareness publications, Calling for the importance of the survival of public relations near the management of institutions in the organizational structure to be close to decision-making and influence.

The symposium included the opening of the discussion and discussion on practical and professional aspects related to the management of public relations in addition to addressing the general files related to the electricity crisis in the governorates of Gaza.

It should be noted that this meeting comes within the system of supporting activities carried out by the academic departments of the college to support students and enhance their practical skills, which contributes to the rapid involvement in the labor market after graduation.

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