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Accounting is an important discipline in contemporary economics
Especially in light of this growing and continuous development in the world of finance and business, it is clear to us the status of this specialization among different disciplines, it is the basis of a profession that is the mirror of financial and economic performance and is the lifeblood of economic institutions in all sectors. It is important to work continuously to introduce the necessary updates on Specialization in order to keep abreast of the rapid professional and intellectual developments, we have worked on the development of applied thought that reflects the professionalism required for the labor market in order to promote the concepts of gradual transition from teaching with absolute theoretical concepts to practical application techniques, Herat process.

To meet the need of the Palestinian institutional-services sector in the field of administrative and financial sciences.
Providing technical services in the field of accounting and computer science through the use of the capacities and capabilities available in the Palestinian institutional-services sector.
Preparing graduates with high scientific and technical skills who are able to contribute to the development of the Palestinian economy and are highly efficient in dealing with international institutions.
To cover the needs of different sectors by providing qualified professionals to carry out the tasks of managing and developing financial institutions.

Knowledge of the concept of accounting, its origin, principles and functions.
Ability to analyze processes and record in accounting books.
Ability to carry out inventory of accounts and prepare inventory adjustments at the end of the financial period.
Preparing and interpreting final accounts.
Ability to use computer accounting software and available database programs.
Develop his knowledge of English terminology related to accounting.

We review the most important career opportunities that can be occupied by graduates of the accounting specialization:

Industrial sectors:

There is no industrial facility, no matter how productive or service it is, but there are many functional positions responsible for the accounts of this establishment, monitoring their cash flow and financial flow, and evaluating it continuously and in different sections of the institution.

Banks and banks:

It is the most common job for graduates of the accounting department, as the most efficient and able to deal with the concepts of economic banking in all its forms and types, after their long studies of banking areas during the period of university education.

Financial Services:

An institution that works in the areas of finance, market analysis, the stock exchange, securities institutions, tax authorities and other institutions that operate in the economic and financial fields mainly requires the presence of a large number of accountants in their positions .. which are the most important jobs among the jobs The other in these institutions no doubt.

Free business :

Many accountants prefer to apply their financial and economic knowledge during their studies to their free and private business, which is more efficient and faster in achieving their objectives, because they are based on practical and academic experience at the same time

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