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The Diploma of Business Administration is one of the main branches of the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences, which allows graduates to work in a variety of fields. It aims to prepare graduates to work in various administrative affairs in the public and private sectors. This specialization is a highly sought-after specialization, especially by young people who aspire to enter the labor market and give them the opportunity to gain broad knowledge and understanding of the principles and practices of the main business management. The Diploma in Business Administration is designed to adopt curricula, methods and techniques that enhance the abilities of students in the knowledge and skills necessary in the use of management concepts in modern life and practices, which will contribute to the development of the Palestinian society administratively through the provision of companies and government institutions and competencies skilled and efficient.

Meet the needs of the Palestinian institutional / service sector from competent management and office automation professionals.
Providing technical services in the field of management and office automation through the use of the capacities and capabilities available in the Palestinian institutional-services sector.
Preparing graduates with high scientific and technical skills who are able to contribute to the development of the Palestinian economy and are highly efficient in dealing with international institutions.
Educational outputs

The program will contribute significantly to achieving development programs through:

Provide graduates with knowledge of the basic knowledge in the field of specialized secretarial which qualifies them to invade the labor market with a specific specialization.
The graduate provides practical skills related to printing, drafting and editing correspondence, preparing reports, handling mail and inventory, managing warehouses and other supporting works
Preparation, packaging and processing of various educational and electronic forms.
Contribute to the preparation of supporting educational media.
To develop and enhance the positive and professional behaviors of those enrolled in the program.
The program also contributes seriously to achieving the mission of the college by committing to providing distinguished academic programs to provide the labor market with qualified cadres

Ability to process incoming and outgoing mail.
Ability to print and edit correspondence and various administrative models.
Possessing the skills of communication and communication with others and coordination among them in order to qualify for receiving visitors and coordinating appointments.
Ability to use computer and modern applications that support desktop work.
Ability to archive paper and electronic archives.
Ability to inventory and manage stores.
Ability to design, mobilize and process different educational models.
The ability to design different educational media.
Ability to apply different management concepts in work.
Ability to provide the Department with the necessary information to accomplish the tasks of planning, organization, direction and control.

Graduates of this specialization will be accommodated in all sectors of education such as:

Ministry of Education and Higher Education and its own offices in different governorates.
Offices of the directorates of education.
Public and private universities and colleges.
Public and private schools.
Various training centers.

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