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The Bachelor of Business Technology program aims to prepare administrative cadres and develop their skills and abilities to meet the needs of the labor market in public and private sector establishments. A graduate of the management program is expected to be able to:

Understand the requirements of administrative practice in organizations.
Preparation of objectives for organizations and administrative units.
Distribute tasks and responsibilities among individuals in the organization and define the terms of reference and relationship of each administrative body.
Motivating individuals and their leadership to achieve the established goals.
Evaluate performance and take corrective action.
Policy development and long-term strategies for the organization.
Understand the challenges of the relationship between the organization and its external environment.
Use of modern technologies in the management process.

The Bachelor of Business Technology program qualifies the cadres capable of working in various administrative functions in the public and private sectors, for example:

Director, General Manager, Head of Section, Division Manager, Director of Administration
Non-managerial development, Non-governmental organization
Non Planning, Planning Specialist
Head of Sector, Assistant Head of Sector
Assistant Administrative Inspector, Administrative Inspector
Administrative Assistant, Administrative Observer
Employee Affairs Officer, Personnel Auditor, Payroll Auditor, Assistant Personnel Researcher, Employee Affairs Researcher, Personnel Specialist

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