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The Diploma of Marketing and E-Commerce is concerned with the development of the performance and implementation of the marketing function of tangible goods and services based on traditional marketing concepts and methods, as well as aspects related to modern computer technologies and applications, and the development of electronic marketing On the planning of marketing programs and enrich the marketing thought in addition to the dissemination of modern marketing awareness among officials and decision makers in public and private sector institutions.

Meet the needs of companies and institutions with qualified personnel to carry out marketing and e-commerce.
Preparing graduates with high scientific and technical skills who are able to contribute in supporting and developing the marketing field (marketing, distribution, promotion, sale, purchase)
Educational outputs

The program will contribute significantly to achieving development programs through:

Provide graduates with knowledge of the basic knowledge in the field of marketing work that qualify them to enter the labor market.
The graduate provides computer-related and electronic skills in the Internet, as well as some of the supporting work of the Department in the areas of organization, planning, supervision and guidance.
To develop and enhance the positive and professional behaviors of those enrolled in the program.
The program also contributes seriously to achieving the mission of the college by committing to providing distinguished academic programs to provide the labor market with qualified cadres.

Ability to deal with modern electronic software in marketing
Ability to print and edit some forms related to the sale, purchase and billings.
Possessing the skills of communication and communication with others and coordination among them in order to qualify for integration into the labor market.
The ability to use computer, modern software and the Internet to deal with electronic markets, electronic payment, electronic promotion and commercials
Ability to archive paper and electronic archives.
Ability to apply different management concepts in work.
Ability to provide the Department with the necessary information to accomplish the tasks of planning, organization, direction and control.

The graduates of this specialization will be accommodated in all sectors, companies, service and productive establishments, governmental and private.

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