Computer networks and Internet

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This program aims at providing students with scientific and technical skills in the field of computer networks in order to contribute to the growth and development of the Palestinian economy, as well as covering the need of the industrial and services sector with qualified cadres, through which to carry out the tasks of building and maintaining computer networks, As well as VOIP, giving students the practical skills needed to build a comprehensive local area network and develop their own security policies, as well as how to manage them and connect them to the World Wide Web

Mastering the installation and maintenance of existing computer networks effectively. As well as connecting devices of various types of networking.

Dealing with wired and wireless networks and how they are built, developed and linked with other networks.

Network management and control of various types of known operating systems.

Knowledge of modern network systems and their differentiation and how to deal with them and their applications in the labor market.

Knowledge in designing web pages and linking them to databases and controlling them through knowledge of the programming languages ​​either Structural or OOP.

Maintenance and management of computer networks in public and private institutions.
Educational institutions in general.
Network Supervisor in Public and Private Institutions (Schools, Universities, Masang)
Network administrator, database and wireless networks.
Self-financed projects that are income-free and without large capital such as the establishment of a local Internet network and distribution of accounts to subscribers.

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