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The program aims to open new horizons for students to enable them to enter the working life in order to serve the Palestinian national plan in order to meet the requirements of the Palestinian labor market and the ongoing development in the field of information technology. Through the graduation of students in the ICT sector with the specialization and professional ability to develop and manage various computer systems, especially those related to the Internet, data bases, interactive games and applications of smart phones, and qualified in a way that helps them to join immediately in the labor market that the student specializes in one of the tracks The program you are better at.

Ability to develop systems based on modern web technology.
Ability to develop systems based on desktop applications associated with the database.
Ability to develop interactive multimedia systems and software (electronic games).
Ability to develop software for smart phone systems.
Ability to develop systems that support data transmission over wired and wireless networks.
The student's ability to analyze systems according to modern methods, taking into consideration the requirements of the software.
Giving him the ability to market his software and systems through e-marketing mechanisms.
Ability to work within a team and to organize and manage its own time and software projects based on self-management techniques and strategies.
The student's ability to exploit databases, programming and animation in the development and design of interactive games.
The student's ability to manage websites systematically.
The student's ability to communicate and network with other institutions through acquiring self-marketing skills.

Ministries and official institutions (Ministry of Education, Municipalities, Information and Communication Technology, Culture, Media, Tourism and Antiquities, Agriculture and Government Computer Center).
Computer Centers Colleges and Universities Public and Private Universities.
Private companies to develop websites and their applications.
Advertising Agencies.
Various training centers.
Local private sector companies and institutions.
Create a special project and work on its management.
UNRWA for the operation of refugees.
Freelance work through .Freelancer

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