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Information in the present era has become a fundamental basis for competition processes between countries and institutions of any size. Those with the right information have a solid basis for competition at all levels. Information technology is responsible for producing and distributing information necessary for competition and for making accurate decisions that are up to the level of efficiency and performance.

Ability to use IT efficiently.
Technical ability in the management, production and development of software, networks and Internet pages.
Excellent knowledge in areas related to information technology such as mathematics, administration, statistics, computer and accounting.
Ability to follow developments and technical and informational changes.
A high degree of creativity, cooperation and ethics.

The ability to apply computerized knowledge and mathematics that correspond to the student's output of programs and discipline. (the computer)
Ability to analyze and identify the problem and identify appropriate computing requirements to solve it. (the computer)
Ability to design, implement and evaluate a computer system, process, component or program to meet the required requirements. (the computer)
Ability to work effectively in groups to achieve a common goal. (the computer)
Understand professional, ethical, legal, security and social issues and responsibilities. (the computer)
Ability to communicate effectively with a group of audiences. (the computer)
Ability to analyze the local and global impact of computing on individuals, organizations and society. (the computer)
Recognize the need for, and the ability to participate in, continuing professional development. (the computer)
The ability to use and apply modern technical concepts and practice at the heart of information technology related to human interaction of computers, information management, programming, networking, network systems and technology. (Information Technology)
Ability to identify and analyze user needs and consider them when selecting, creating, evaluating and managing computer systems. (Information Technology)
Ability to effectively integrate IT solutions into the user environment. (Information Technology)
Better understanding of practices and standards and their application. (Information Technology)
Ability to assist in the development of an effective project plan. (Information Technology)


Computer systems development companies.

Companies and centers of computer networks management and maintenance.

Ministries and government and private computer centers.

Telecom and mobile companies.

Public and private universities, colleges and institutes.

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