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The specialization of multimedia production is closely related to modern information technology, which is based on the rehabilitation of students in the fields of advertising and media institutions, through the scientific and professional qualification to engage in the design and production of advertising, print and audio and audio and simulation of graphic design and models and three-dimensional and moving according to the methods Technology and modern technology, where the student mastered the use of computers and the construction of local skills of audio and visual communication and artistic expression and innovative applications of graphic design and multimedia. The program is designed to encourage and develop the student's ability to innovate in self-expression in his interactive ideas, and through the submission of critical reports and analytical studies, and the preparation of many different and successive designs for projects containing the overall content and requirements required to deal creatively and resolve design challenges effectively High, by achieving the following goals.

Translating ideas into sophisticated art projects by integrating artistic and creative skills with multimedia applications and technologies.
The use of multimedia in the transfer of knowledge of various types and bodies, and the student to acquire the skills of analyzing the requirements of creating multimedia projects.
Exploiting technical and technical skills in the production and development of teaching aids.
Producing documentary films and propaganda from his photography and directing.
Use of specialized programs in graphic design for the design of printed and packaging boxes.
Use specialized software in editing and processing audio.
Use specialized tools and software in video processing.
CD-ROM design and interactive, non-interactive presentations.
Use tools and software for specialized 3D design.
Use specialized tools and software to create 2D and 3D animations.
Use different techniques that help design or program games.
Working in a team with ethical and professional controls.


Ability to design publications from advertisements, magazines, newspapers and others
Ability to design websites.
The ability to digitally edit the video, produce propaganda films, documentaries, and films of all kinds.
Ability to edit and process audio.
Ability to design and process images using two- and three-dimensional programs.
Ability to design, program and modify digital games.
Ability to use multimedia applications and work on similar application programs.
Ability to store, retrieve and protect information in all its forms.
The ability to innovate in self-expression of cultural ideas within interactive materials
Ability to solve design challenges with high efficiency.
The skill of communication and communication with different groups and carrying the pressure of work.

Design effects and editing in satellite channels.
Design of TV commercials.
Working in radios.
Working in art production companies for cinema, television, video.
News sites.
Working in the role of printing, publishing, books, printing presses and newspapers.
Work in graphic design offices and websites.
Working in the field of packaging and packaging.
Design of Educational CDs.
Multimedia production and animation.
In the field of photography.

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