The specialization of computer networks and technical support is one of the most important disciplines that will support the national strategy and contribute to the building of e-government and its applications. It aims at providing students with the skills of technical support and computer networks by providing graduates who are able to maintain various computer equipment and accessories, install and maintain computer and wireless computer networks, provide technical support, monitor network performance quickly and excelently, support and manage various devices, Of data integrity.

Planning, installation and maintenance of wireless and wired networks.
Compilation, support and maintenance of laptop.
Establishing plans to build and install networks on a global standard basis.
Design and continuous updating of the network and the server and make sure it is ready to serve the reality of the needs in the institution.
Technical support for all activities related to installation, inspection and operation of operating systems, network equipment and systems.
Design, inspect and update the work of the main network and the intranet, all the various computer and technical equipment and support systems used.
Control the security of access to the network and other operational systems and their uses in coordination with the users concerned.
Continuing follow-up to the needs of different departments in the organization of the tools and aids to employ IT applications.
Follow up the work of computers and accessories in various institutions and install the necessary software.
Diagnosis of computer hardware crashes and software, preventive and periodic maintenance and preparation of necessary reports.
Ensuring the efficiency and readiness of technical and operational databases, systems and devices for the work of departments, sections and units of different institutions.
Provide technical support for all applications related to the automation of the office work of institutions and their operational requirements.

Ministries and official institutions (Ministry of Education, Municipalities, Information and Communication Technology, Culture, Media, Tourism and Antiquities, Agriculture and Government Computer Center).
Associations and institutions.
Computer Centers Colleges and Universities Public and Private Universities.
Various training centers.
Local private sector companies and institutions.
UNRWA Relief and Works Agency.
Free Lancer.

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