The specialization of the management and design of Internet sites of specializations in the Gaza Strip, which is unparalleled in terms of the study plan and the content of different courses to be able to graduate to keep abreast of the latest technologies with the latest scientific methods agreed upon globally and the standards of the World Wide Web Consortium, so we hope to be The leaders in this specialization by offering it especially to the students of the southern Gaza Strip.

Graduates of technicians who are able to work in the field of web and management.
Graduation of technicians capable of designing various websites in proportion to the nature of the site.
Ability to work in a team, distribute tasks and support the appropriate technical sites.
Graduation of technicians with qualitative characteristics in terms of the ability to program sites with the latest modern web technologies and the ability to take out distinguished sites in the visual aspects.
Graduates of technicians are able to evaluate websites based on international standards in web design
Graduation of qualified technicians to manage and control the sites of content management and how to install and work on them and the design and add various software add-ons.
Graduation of technicians capable of working within e-government applications.
Encourage high school graduates interested in this field to join the specialization, especially for students of the South, since such specialization is available only in the central and northern governorates

Analysis and design of various types of websites
Programming the latest Internet versions of programming languages
Website development and management
Diagnosis and maintenance of site breakdowns
Provide technical support for users of the site
Follow up site work and make various updates
Work within the team
Integration with e-government applications
Work on managing websites using content management systems
Carry out website maintenance and ensure the safety of every part of the site
The ability to control users and the distribution of different powers in accordance with the nature of its functions
Ability to design and program different types of websites.

The student analyzes and designs various types of websites
The student programs the websites with the latest versions of programming languages
To develop and manage websites
The student is diagnosed with site breakdowns and maintenance
To provide technical support to users of the site
Specification of graduate

Learn how to analyze different web systems.

Web design of all kinds.
Programming web pages in different programming languages ​​such as ASP.NET & PHP
Manage and develop websites.
Building various web applications and working in e-government applications and websites.
Create and manage e-commerce sites.
Web site maintenance, multimedia usage and web image processing.
Mastering the administration and installation of open source web software.

Computer centers in various government ministries.
Computer Centers Public and Private Universities.
Private companies to develop websites and applications.
Freelance work through .Freelancer
UNRWA for the operation of refugees.