Applied Electronics Engineering

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The development of higher education through the development of non-traditional specialties, as the specialization provides cadres capable of scientific and practical and well trained.
Graduation of engineers capable of working immediately in the field of maintenance of electronic devices or containing electronic circuits such as computerized devices and medical devices.
Graduating engineers are able to design electronic circuits using the latest pieces using software such as OrCAD, and they have the ability to simulate design and practical application and writing the necessary documentation for it.
Graduating qualified engineers to determine the specifications and standards required by modern and complex electronic devices in public and private institutions in the local community and supervise the method of importing them. The competent engineer is a technical support agent for these devices.



The ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, logic, engineering sciences in general and electronic in particular
The ability to design electronic engineering systems in the field of control engineering, medical devices and all other electronic systems that serve all areas of work.
Ability to design and conduct experiments as well as analyze their results.
The ability to identify and solve problems in electronics engineering.
Ability to work in multidisciplinary teams to solve engineering problems in the field of competence.
Ability to understand and apply professional and ethical responsibilities and ability to communicate effectively.
Acquire the broad culture necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in a general perspective (local and global).
Ability to self-learn and realize the need to practice it for life and adapt to the variables of society.
Ability to use modern means, skills and engineering tools necessary to practice the profession
Ability to successfully enroll in graduate studies and scientific research in the field of electronic engineering and medical device technologies.
The ability to work within the concept of FreeLancer in order to address the problem of unemployment that is full of homelands.
Ability to adapt to different roles and responsibilities in a multicultural working environment by respecting diversity and professionalism within the institution and society at the national and international levels.



Companies supplying and distributing electronic and medical devices
Hospitals and medical clinics
Repair workshops for electronic and medical devices
Private companies and factories
Various government institutions such as ministries
Universities, educational institutions and research centers.
UNRWA for the operation of refugees.

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