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This specialization contributes in providing the students with the skills of drawing and designing the architectural plans and showing them and drawing the endoscopes inside and outside, drawing the executive drawings and modeling the architectural projects with great accuracy and efficiency and implementing all these skills using different computer drawing programs.

The objective of this specialization is to provide students with the skills and practical experience in many areas of architecture such as drawing and designing architectural drawings and showing them and drawing the endoscopes, as well as the building plans for the buildings, in addition to the implementation of architectural models with precision and high efficiency, drawing and preparing sanitary, electrical and construction plans by hand methods The various computer programs developed in the drawing and design to keep pace with the technological progress to qualify graduates with high competence to work in the field of their specialization in public and private institutions, Engineering Writer.

Students learn the skill and accuracy of manual geometry.
Students learn the skill of engineering drawing on different design programs "Atokad, SketchUp, and others".
Students learn to draw and read all the architectural, architectural, electrical and mechanical designs of the architectural plans.
The student is able to make accurate models for finished projects.
The student is able to present preliminary ideas for the proposed projects with the work of drawings and a detailed outline
Students are able to calculate quantities and specifications for different projects.

Consulting and Engineering Offices
contracting companies
Municipalities and NGOs
Government Ministries
Local and international universities

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