• Provide students with the skills and practical experience in many areas of architecture such as drawing and designing architectural drawings and displaying them and drawing the endoscopes as well as the building plans
  • Drawing and processing of sanitary, electrical and construction plans using manual methods and using computer programs
    To provide students with the skills and practical experience in many fields of civil engineering for buildings such as construction, surveying, materials, quantities and specifications, management of engineering projects
  • Creating a nucleus of technicians to develop industry and production of HVAC, heating and heating at the national level with high quality
    Designing central air conditioning plans for buildings
  • Calculate the loads and capacities of central air conditioners required for buildings
  • Student acquisition of building maintenance skills and finishes and management.



Graduates of this program have a high degree of structural, architectural, electrical and mechanical design in general and in particular buildings.
Able to deal with the problems encountered during the design process or at the site.
Capable of using the computer in various design programs, whether in civil, architectural, electrical or mechanical.
Ability to prepare different architectural and construction drawings for a project
Manage projects and accomplish tasks in the easiest ways and lowest costs with knowledge of matters related to contracts and specifications
Knowledge in computer software used in the analysis of construction works.



Consultancy and engineering offices, project coordination and field offices
contracting companies
Municipalities, government ministries and universities
Soil and soil testing laboratories