Civil Engineering

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This specialization contributes to providing the students with skills and methods, constructing buildings, drawing buildings and roads, analyzing buildings as well as identifying the types and characteristics of materials and soil, in addition to extensive information in the calculation of quantities, area and management of engineering projects.



This program aims at graduating cadres capable of working side by side with civil engineers and field engineers.
Give the student the ability to prepare different architectural and construction drawings for any project.
Ability to manage projects and accomplish tasks in the easiest ways and lowest costs with familiarity with matters relating to contracts and specifications.
The use of computer programs in the analysis of construction work, the preparation of bill of quantities and calculation and pre-planning of projects.



Ability to apply knowledge in mathematics, science and civil engineering.
Ability to design basic civil engineering projects and realize the various skills required.
Knowledge of computer, software, multimedia and typical techniques in design and drafting.
Ability to work within multidisciplinary teams and civil engineering teams.
The ability to identify, formulate and solve civil engineering problems in the light of modern ICT opportunities.
Ability to communicate effectively to manage civil engineering development projects successfully.
Ability to use the skills, techniques and contemporary tools needed to develop civil engineering applications and project design.
Clear understanding of ethical and professional responsibility.
Understanding the rapid development of civil engineering, the intensive use of ICTs and multimedia, and their global and social impact.
Understanding the need for lifelong learning and the ability to do so by addressing opportunities in various areas.



Consulting and Engineering Offices and Survey Offices.
contracting companies .
Municipalities, ministries and universities.
Soil and soil testing laboratories.

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