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This course aims at keeping pace with the huge and accelerated development in the field of computer engineering. The student studies the fundamentals of electrical and electronic circuits, computer logic design, computer architecture, data structures, databases, microprocessor, computer maintenance, computer networks and some computer programming languages. For maintenance, assembly and download of programs, work in government institutions and ministries, computer maintenance companies, or private work as a computer maintenance technician



Building a cadre with theoretical and practical computing knowledge capable of producing outstanding engineers.
Graduating engineers are able to compete in the job market and get a decent job.
Encourage students to complete graduate studies and conduct scientific research.
Finding creative solutions to problems related to specialization.
Keeping pace with developments in computer engineering and systems.


It can design and apply components related to computers and data transmitters.
It can design and implement basic operating software, complex and advanced information systems.
It can analyze and interpret the requirements, develop the required specifications for computers, develop networks of connection, identify the main programs for their operation, and study the necessary technical equipment.
It can carry out works of art aimed at increasing the efficiency of the use and development of computers, major operating programs and computer information systems.
He can participate in the works of art of his specialty to select the best offers and supervise the processing, installation and operation of the system.
It can design and implement special programs in the technical and technical fields.



Software and software design companies.
Internet companies and web design.
Companies selling, maintaining and assembling computers.
Ministries, municipalities, private and public institutions and companies.

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