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  • Provide an advanced curriculum for students and students to qualify them to be designed for a user-friendly environment at all levels of psychological, social and environmental.
  • The rehabilitation of cadres with a high specialization in internal architecture is qualified to work in higher education institutions, ministries, municipalities and competent bodies and institutions locally, regionally and globally.
  • Providing students with the advanced theories and fundamentals needed to gain professional experience and pursue higher education.
  • Developing the skills and abilities of students in the imagination and design to provide innovative solutions to the problems in the field of internal architecture.
  • Graduates qualified specialists have a role in the development and design of the environment and internal spaces.
  • Developing students' research skills in the field of interior architecture.
  • Develop students' skills in working within the team through workshops and panel discussions.
  • Training students to respect professional ethics in cooperation with the Engineers Syndicate and some employers in the local community.


Graduates of this program have a high degree of architectural design. As well as the design of buildings in the interior of the decorations and lighting on the basis of scientific engineering through the well-qualified through the various courses, both theoretical and practical, will focus on the practical aspects that enable the student to deal with the problems encountered during the process of architectural design and interior design or on site. In view of the continuous development in the field of drawing and architectural show, the program will focus on the rehabilitation of the student to use the computer in various architectural drawing programs, both in the two-dimensional and three-dimensional drawing, as well as the use of several programs such as help Alfotoshob, Sketchp and Thermimax and Millennium and other programs to show and highlight the architectural idea attractively.


  • Engineering offices in the field of design and architectural supervision.
  • Offices of interior design and decoration.
  • Engineering companies in the field of supervision and implementation.
  • Education and training in architecture in institutions of higher education and vocational training institutions.
  • Engineering departments and departments in public institutions such as municipalities and various ministries.
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