Specialty medical devices

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Bachelor of applied electronic engineering

Medical devices:



This major provides students with the necessary skills and practical knowledge in the domains of antennas, medical measures, medical photos technology, and medical devices technology, according to the work principle, assembly, and maintenance. Also it qualifies the graduates and the specialist initiators to practice the electronics of medical devices jobs.



Hospitals, clinics, and health centers.
Companies that design and maintain the medical electronic devices.
Companies of medical electronic devices sales.
Ministries, universities, private and public institutions.



Graduating engineers capable of working immediately in electronic devices maintenance or those contain electronic circuits such as medical and computerized devices.
Graduating engineers capable of designing electronic circuits by using the latest pieces and computer programs such as Or-CAD. They also have the ability to simulate a design and apply it practically and write the necessary documents for it.
Graduating qualified engineers will be able to fix measurements and specifications, that are needed for the new complicated electronic devices in public and private institutions within the society and facilitating its import. The specialist engineer is a technical supporter of these devices.

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