Specialty office technology

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This specialization aims to provide the student with many skills in the field of digital and analog electronics and in the fields of electrical circuits and electrical machines and how to control and maintain them so that the student is able to maintain and assemble many of the office equipment, and be able to maintain photocopying machines of all kinds, faxes, telephones, The aim is to bring the skill of assembling and maintaining computers and accessories from printers, plotters, scanners, fax modems and others.


Acquisition of installation, operation and maintenance skills for telephone, fax, telephone exchanges, photocopiers, computers and peripherals from printers, plotters and other office equipment.
He learns the fundamentals of electrical and electronic circuits and the logical design that has to do with office technology.
Knowledge and experience departments and parts of various office equipment and accessories and other terms of the principle of its work and maintenance.


Libraries and private and public companies
Maintenance companies of office and computer equipment
TV and radio stations
Ministries, municipalities and universities

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