This specialization aims at qualifying students specialized in the field of maintenance and installation of refrigeration and adaptation equipment so that they are able to meet the need of specialists in this field from private companies and government institutions.

Provide practical skills at the level of technical education.
Creating a nucleus of technicians to develop the industry and production of air conditioning, cooling and heating at the national level with at least quality of industry and production in the Middle East.
To enable graduates to understand the theoretical bases of the process of obtaining the artificial cold and to identify the different areas to be used.
Identify different energy forms and mechanisms of conversion.
Defining the graduates of the work in the centers, institutions and companies concerned.
Graduation skills in communication, teamwork, dialogue, construction, negotiation and production.


Installation and assembly of cooling and air-conditioning equipment.
Periodic maintenance of various cooling and air conditioning systems.
Detect, repair and supervise these operations.
Contribution under the supervision of the Engineer in the design of refrigeration and air conditioning systems.


Consulting and Engineering Offices.
Maintenance and installation of cooling and air conditioning.
Ministries, hotels, hospitals, private and public institutions.

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