Graduation of technicians capable of working in the field of installation and testing of solar energy system for homes, institutions and factories in addition to the ability to install hybrid solar systems.
Qualification of technical staff capable of working in the field of maintenance of electronic devices for solar systems.
Enables graduates to operate and maintain the solar system as well as monitor system performance and perform periodic inspection of the solar system.
To enable graduates to design a solar energy system with the ability to determine the specifications and measurements of electronic devices needed by the solar system.
The graduate provides skills in communication, teamwork, dialogue, construction, negotiation and production

Capable of designing and installing solar power generation system.
Able to maintain system and track errors.
Capable of designing and implementing electrical wiring within enterprises.
Has sufficient knowledge to maintain electronic devices in the system.
Has the ability to deal with customers and convince them of the solar system.

Work in the maintenance and installation units of the solar system distribution companies.
Working in electronic maintenance companies specialized specifically in the field of maintenance of power reflectors and battery chargers.
Work with government agencies and public and private institutions that have spare power generation systems as well as non-governmental organizations and bodies active in this field.
Entrepreneurship and execution of major projects.
Work in solar power plants.
Work in the field of sales and related engineering.

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