Design and implement nutrition awareness programs and therapeutic feeding programs and train them to be able to work in health centers in supervisory positions.
Follow up the implementation of the approved food program in related institutions such as: "schools, hospitals, ...".
Participation in supervision of the performance of workers and equipment for nutrition in relevant institutions such as: "schools, hospitals, food factories ...".
Participation in the implementation of food and health sanitation programs.
Participate and supervise the implementation of disease control plans and programs.
Participation in the fight against communicable diseases and infectious diseases.
Participate in the supervision of shops related to public health.
Participate in the implementation of the list of violations and penalties based on shops and food factories.
Direct involvement in food poisoning cases.
The application of sanitary conditions to establishments related to public health and implementation of quarantine procedures.
Application of sanitary conditions related to food safety.
Participate in planning nutrition programs for patients and healthy people.
Participate in the planning of community nutrition programs.

Acquire a solid knowledge base in nutrition science and public health.
Acquire a range of knowledge and competencies in nutrition science and public health.
Understand the importance of environmental, cultural and economic issues that affect the choice and quality of nutrition.
Acquire knowledge and skill from food and nutrition related fields such as nutrition technology, nutrition psychology, and socio-economic aspects.
Able to develop a number of skills and knowledge such as IT, food analysis, self-learning, critical thinking, verbal and nonverbal communication.
Is able to apply the principles of nutrition and diet; to maintain health and prevent disease to groups and individuals.
Is able to play a leading role in providing effective nutrition care to customers in light of the latest developments and changing needs of society.
Able to act responsibly with himself and his colleagues and society.
Committed to ethical and social issues for food and health services.

Work in the field of health supervision and monitoring in primary health care centers in various specialties, hospitals, specialized clinics specializing in nutrition, clinics for athletes, international food support programs, school health centers and educational institutions.
Working as nutrition supervisor in private hospitals and clinics specializing in nutrition, clinics for athletes, global food support programs, school health centers, and educational institutions.
Work in the field of health education and awareness in all food and health awareness programs.
Working as a technical specialist in the field of food safety through quality control in food industry establishments.
Work as an external observer in ministries and government institutions, such as municipalities and ministries, "Supply, agriculture, health and its laboratories ...";
Work Consultant in the provision of advisory services to health centers, food industries, educational and media institutions, private sector institutions such as schools, universities, primary health care centers, nursing homes and social centers.
Provide the opportunity for graduates to pursue their higher studies, or work as lecturers or researchers in universities in the field of nutrition technology and public health.

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