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Providing students with theoretical information and practical application on the application of health requirements to establishments related to public health.
Increase awareness of the importance of health control and the need to comply with relevant international standards.
Preparing scientific competencies and qualified and specialized cadres capable of meeting the local and regional market needs in various areas of health surveillance.
Increase the knowledge and knowledge of students in the field of health monitoring, so that they will be able to deal with the research and developments in this field.
Providing students with the skills of scientific research, analysis and criticism in health and environmental fields.
Maintaining the health of the environment, such as the proper disposal of garbage and waste in housing, slaughterhouses, restaurants, markets and streets.

Graduates of the program are expected to achieve the following educational and educational outputs at the level of international standards in the field of health surveillance:
Practical and practical skills that qualify the graduate to work in all areas of health supervision.
Adequate knowledge of the principles, principles, theories and concepts related to health control.
Keeping pace with the labor market by dealing with the latest developments related to health control.
The ability to follow up and examine what is being offered in the markets of food products and products.
The ability to inspect and control drinking water to ensure that it conforms to international health standards.
Know the types of food, food and health drinks.
Ability to apply general health requirements.
The ability to deliver information in the field of health education to the community.
Monitoring the environmental status of drinking water.
Identify the conformity of the standards of the establishments producing the different foods with the international standards in terms of the safety of the food product and the workers in the various food factories.
Supervise works related to environmental health and carry out other related work.

Graduates of the program are expected to find employment opportunities in health control in many health and other institutions, including:

Health Monitor in the field of health surveillance in hotels, restaurants, tourist centers and markets.
Work in health care and preventive medicine centers.
Work in establishments and establishments associated with monitoring and food processing in the public and private sectors.
Functions related to health control work in municipalities and village councils in health education, community health and the environment.
Food Inspector in the Ministry of National Economy, Ministry of Health and Food Factories.
Monitor and Food Technician.

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