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Technical Information: 



A: Course Description


This course provides an in-depth introduction to all aspects of current computer networks. A wide range of topics including cabling, signaling, serial, wide and local area networks, network protocols and network operating systems in use today are discussed. The course also provides the fundamental concepts and hands-on experience needed to set up and work with a local area. Wide area network will be addressed at a conceptual level. Hardware, software and network topology for both local and wide area networks will be covered.



B: Course Objectives :

»       Classify devices and functions their layer in the OSI model the purpose, use, structure, and definitions of the layers of the OSI model

»       Choose the appropriate data communications transmission method (serial/parallel) and explain how encapsulation and de-encapsulation works for that transmission method.

»       Construct a point-to-point Ethernet LAN.

»       Show the sequence of steps used by IP Protocol operations to determine addresses.

»       Match issues related to increasing traffic on an Ethernet LAN to typical LAN environment.

»       Solve Ethernet networking issues using switched LAN technology.

»       Identify the specific Ethernet network interface (for e.g., EO, EI) by which a packet is forwarded on an Ethernet LAN.

»       Construct a topology and network-addressing scheme.

»       Determine the type of transport protocol (TCP or UDP) and IP application used.

»       Define the fundamental technologies involved in a WAN environment.


1st: theory contents



·        Network introduction and  Topologies

Week #1

·      Signals, Data Encoding, and Modems

Week # 2

  • The OSI Model

Week # 3

  • Transmission Media for wireless and wire media ,   , Radio, Microwave, Light Wave, Satellite , different cable

Week # 4

  • LAN , wan and Subnetting (Class C ,Class B , Class A )

Week # 5

  • Multiplexing Techniques

Week # 6

  • Flow Control and Error Detection and Correction

Week # 7

  • LAN Protocols

Week # 8

  •  Telephony  system

Week # 9

  • Switching : Circuit and Packet Switching

Week # 10


Week # 11

  • Frame Relay, ATM, SONET, leased line

Week # 12

  • TCP/IP Protocols

Week # 13

                    General Revision

Week # 14


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